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Monday, July 8, 2013


The last few weekends have been jammed packed. Story of my life.  As Elijah gets older, we are constantly finding fun things to do with him.

Two weekends ago, we had our annual camping trip with our dear friends Melissa and Ryan and Jose and Bianca.  Mel and I have been friends for over 20 years.  Both these girls and their partners are more like family to Avin, Elijah and I.  Our group has expanded, dismantled and regrouped... but the core six of us have been hanging on strong.  I think we find comfort in our similarites and respect for each other.  No matter what we go through, we know how to treat each other and understand each other's struggles.  The street is never one way and I love that about our friendship.  We started our annual camping trip three years ago; first to Clearlake, then to Rollins lake and this time to Mt. Shasta.  This trip really solidified a lot for me, in regards to our friendship.  We got to spend quality time on Ryan's family property and it meant a lot to share that experience as a group. Ryan's father passed away almost two years ago so it was extra special - we felt his presence.

Here are a few pictures from our fantastic camping trip to Mt. Shasta at Camp Maddux! 

Getting ready to get on the road! Last minute stop for supplies!

Ryan's family property.  We felt his father's presence!

Elijah had a blast - he was in toddler heaven! 
Beautiful view of Mt. Shasta from the camp site
Love of my life!

I love this picture of my husband and son <3

My good friend, Bianca! 

The hike up to the waterfalls was so much fun. Elijah's pooped! :)

Amazing friends turned into family - Ryan and Mel! 
Jose and Bianca <3

Hike to the waterfalls! 

love my little family! <3

Friends since the fifth grade! 

We had so much fun camping with our amazing friends! Seeing them with our son and how much they love and value him meant the world to us! Can't wait for next year's trip!

Then this past weekend we celebrated Avin's cousin's wedding in the bay area.  Avin and I have not partied like that in a long time.  Staying up until 3am is pretty rare, and it was also a lot of fun! Indian weddings are full of tons of festivities and we enjoyed all the time catching up with close family and friends.

Here are some great pix from the wedding weekend in the bay area.  Definitely a lot more glamourous than camping ;)

Glitsy and glamourous - read for the Friday night festivities! 

Elijah and his cousin, Iriesha at Aten Mama's house for the Friday night festivities
Elijah at the Gudwara on Saturday morning - time for Jessica Fua to make it official! 
Deepika and Elijah - Deep is Elijah's eldest sister on his father's side 
The Groom, Simran, waiting to see his bride, Jessica.
The beautiful bride and groom! 
Me and hubby at the Gudwara
Love this family photo! 
Early morning weddings = sleepy Naz
Love Gigi to pieces! My lil' sister! 
Ready for the reception - Saturday night! I loved my sari :) 
Loves of my life - Elijah looked so handsome in his lil' suit and tie! 
The BEAUTIFUL Bride, Jessica
Best kisser in the WORLD! 

I'm a lucky, lucky girl - I thank God daily! 

These past few weekends have really solidified for us that we feel truly blessed.  We are not perfect, but we are incredibly happy.  We've built a beautiful home filled with love, laughter and lil' toddler feet running around.  Elijah is our world.  He brings us more joy than ever imaginable.  We realize that we only want to be surrounded by friends and family that support us.  Life is so short and we've been blessed with so much - I just want to be happy and enjoy my time here.



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