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Monday, February 13, 2012

Neglect in Accidents

I learned today of a 4 year old boy who was killed in an "accidental" rollover car accident over the weekend. Apparently, his father (the driver of the vehicle he was in) was involved in a road rage incident where the Honda he was driving, and another vehicle were speeding, cutting each other off and making very unsafe decisions while operating motor vehicles. A sudden, unsafe move caused the Honda to leave the roadway and rollover. An improperly restrained 4 year old boy suffered the fatal consequences as his body was ejected from the vehicle and he died on scene.

How does this happen? How do PARENTS risk their children's lives by being involved in such a neglectful act. The nerve of officials for calling this an "accident."

The very definition of an accident, according to an internet source, is an "unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury." But this was anything but unexpected and unintentional, in my opinion. Speeding, racing and making decisions based on rage can only mean one thing: expect the unexpected. How do you NOT expect a bad outcome in a situation like this? If the parents live, I am hopeful they will be charged with vehicular manslaughter for the death of their son, at least the driver/father should be. Actually, I'll soon find out as I will be reviewing the death of this child at my Child Death Review Team (CDRT) meeting next month and will be able to find out from the Coroner, Sheriff's Department/local Law Enforcement, and DA's office if the parent(s) will in fact be charged.

I think of Elijah, automatically and naturally, when ever I hear a story about a child, good or bad. And I immediately think, how could this happen? How could these parents be this stupid, to be candid? And of all people, it is the child who fatally suffered his parents carelessness, with his life.

When my husband and I drive with Elijah, I usually sit in the back with him. Elijah's car seat is strapped in the middle of our vehicle as a means to prevent any side-swiping. Meaning, if our car is hit from the side, we hope he will get the least amount of impact. I sit next to him with the intention that if we were hit, I would cover him, as quick as I could, to give an additional layer of protection, my body. I would sacrifice my life, in a heartbeat, for him. Although, I don't discredit anyone's parenting skills for not sitting in the back with their child(ren), I can't fathom the idea that parents would risk their children's lives in such a thoughtless, selfish, unnecessary way.


I pray for this child to rest in peace.


Read the story here:
Child dies in road rage incident (accident)


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