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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camping with a toddler

To say I'm excited for our annual camping trip this year would be an understatement. I am beyond excited because this will be Elijah's first camping experience!

Eju LOVES the outdoors. As soon as the door from our house opens, any door, he darts for it. Kind of scary as its a reminder that we must keep an eye on him at all times.

He is an adventurous kid, for sure.

To prepare to go camping with a toddler, we bought a ton of things and I decided to share my checklist with others who may need an easy go-to reference.

Here is my list of essentials:

1. All of the basic camping gear: tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, raft etc.
2. First aid kit: you never know when you or your child will need a bandaid, alcohol wipes, get a headache or need any other first aid items. In addition to what comes with a first aid kit, I also packed infant ibuprofen, and Desitin (for diaper rashes).
3. Infant lifejacket. We always camp around water and I am a safety nut with my child. A lifejacket is a must!
4. In addition to our regular tent, we packed a canopy for the common/eating area and a "Shady Shack" (beach tent). Beaches, whether on a lake, river or ocean front, tend to lack in shade. Shade is so important for hot summer days, especially for young children.
5. Beach blanket. Made from a more durable material, it will keep our booties from burning on the hot sand.
6. Don't forget sunblock! I wear sunblock daily so packing it for our camping trip was routine. I did; however, make sure to buy a waterproof infant sunblock for Eju.
7. Bug spray. Adult spray and an infant bug spray for Eju. "Deets" infant bug spray is made with no harsh chemicals and supposed to be less toxic for their thin skin.
8. Lots of food and snacks. Being outdoors, active and especially in water can make you extra hungry. I packed good foods, healthy snacks and even a lil junk food (hey, it's vacation)!
9. Water. Lots of it.
10. Toilet paper, lots of diapers (DON'T FORGET WATER DIAPERS), towels, sanitizer, anti-bac wipes... Stay clean when possible!

These are just some of the essential items we are taking with us. Going in our group on our annual camping trip is so much fun! We have an amazing group of friends and we all pitch in and share what we bring.

Some of the others are bringing a stove, cooking utensils, music player, games, canopies, and other things to share :)

I'll post pix after our trip. Here is one of Eju in his lifejacket (I couldn't get him to stand still) and one of him chillin' in his camping chair :)


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