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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ladies Only!

Ladies: What Do YOU Do When You Have Your Period?

Today I'm feeling lazy, unmotivated, tired, and I’m emotionally eating – I feel like crap, so why not eat like crap? Right? Wrong.

Well, Aunt Flo decided to bring her ugly ass back into town this month and with her visit, she brings a fluctuation of hormones that makes me feel like crap! For one, I’m bloated (unfortunately, I was bloated on my birthday and it shows in my pictures). All of a sudden, the 16 lbs. I lost recently feel like they’re all back on. Feeling like I look like crap makes me so unmotivated – I missed my 5am workout this morning.  I tried. I really did.  But I woke up, hit snooze 7,000 times, and stayed in bed with an aching back, and all the yuckiness of that once a month annoyance that comes with being a woman.

I just want to sit on the couch and be fat and lazy and eeeeeeat. Or have a couple drinks and lay around being completely unproductive.  Luckily, my house is stocked with healthier foods. Unluckily, I haven’t gotten rid of the rest of my birthday cake yet, so it was staring at me last night when I was feeling like crap and craving chocolate and lo and behold, I caved.

Knowing the reason why doesn't make the sluggishness go away, but it does give me more determination to push through it. So that is what I’m going to try to do for the rest of the day today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Usually when I get my period, I let these feelings linger for a week. ONE WHOLE WEEK! One whole week of eating poorly, not exercising much, and just feeling like poop… I just can’t do that anymore. 

If you're like me, that time of month is a week of weakness. How do you not give into that desire to be a lazy bum? To be quite honest, sometimes it's not so bad to use menstruation as an excuse to slow down and become more introverted.

No, this doesn't mean its okay to stuff our faces full of chocolate in the name of expelling cramps. But it does mean its okay to pamper yourself.

I’ve used my excuse – I had Sunday and Monday to be essentially a lazy bum all day.  Tuesday morning came and I didn’t work out but I am going to take a walk this afternoon and get back to the more intense workouts tomorrow morning (as a means to not waste the whole week being a lazy bum).

Ladies – What do YOU do when you’re combatting all the woes of your monthly visitor?


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