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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

With a heavy heart...

With a heavy heart, I prepare my departure from the Child Abuse Prevention Center. This morning, I shakily went into my supervisor's office to give her my three weeks notice. It was a very difficult decision. One mixed with several emotions. It was tough, but I'm thankful that she was incredibly supportive. We hugged and cried.

I will soon shut a chapter of my life -- not the chapter of giving, social services, and making change for families and children, but my employment with an amazing organization. The Child Abuse Prevention Center has been a second home to me, with a mixed bag of individuals that have become family. Family that have pissed me off, and made me want to pull my hair out -- like any family would at some point. But more so, a family that I have learned so much from. One that has made me laugh and look forward to seeing the next day. A group of mission driven individuals that sacrifice so much for the greater good of society. To make change -- that's why you work at the Child Abuse Prevention Center. Although I never perfected the intense work that goes into being the Project Manager of the Child Death Review Team (CDRT), I hope I have left my mark. That I have made change and helped families and children even though they'll never know it. I will miss my colleagues, the mission of this organization and being part of such a great group of individuals and a collaborative team.

A new chapter opens in three weeks as I start a position at the State with room for advancement, growth and upward mobility. I am looking forward to the financial stability that comes with this new position/agency, the team of individuals I will meet and the challenges I will face. This new position will be nothing like my current, and although I'm sacrificing a mission that I admire, I have to do what's best for my family.

Having a child changes everything. I hope Elijah knows how much I love him. How many sacrifices his mommy had to make for him. Because he is my world, and nothing is more important.


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