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Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning Thoughts.

1. After last week's eating poorly and barely getting in two days of intense cardio, I was left feeling like crap and disappointed in myself on Sunday.  But instead of being down on myself, I grabbed the reins and jumped back on the horse.  For one, I prepped/cooked my dinner for the next three days. Eating a healthy, portioned dinner at an early time has been my biggest and hardest feat. Prepping it on Sunday is helpful. 
2. My alarm went off at 4am, which of course meant I snoozed it until almost 5am. It's Monday and I'm definitely dragging. But I'm glad I forced myself out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw my hair in some ugly half assed pony tail, threw on some workout gear and got pushing on the treadmill for an hour.  After sweating like a pig, I was done. And I feel so much better for it. No one ever regrets a good workout, but I would've totally regretted sleeping through it.
3. I packed a delish healthy lunch I look forward to eating today.  I ate like crap for lunch all week last week. I didn't make it to the grocery store all work-week and used that as a horrible excuse to eat crap for lunch.  Not cool. That will NOT be the case this week. Fridge is stocked with healthy, yummy, delish foods.
4. I sat down with my after workout protein shake to check out the news for 2.5 seconds. In it, I saw the story about Linnea Lomax's body being found. She was the 19 year UCD student that went missing on June 26th after leaving an outpatient mental health clinic.  I heard about this on Friday, but it still bothered me Monday morning.  I feel for her. I feel like there was something more sinister happening (or could've been happening) that wasn't divulged by her family during this widely publicized missing person's search. We'll never know her side of the story. May she RIP.  I hope she is happy now and resting peacefully.
5. My son waves bye and runs to give hugs as he leaves with his Papa for a day with his Auntie and cousins while we head to work. It makes me teary eyed every time.  I can't believe he is so big now. That he waves bye to me. Being a mother is the best part of my life. Being HIS mother is an honor I'm so blessed to have. He is seriously the most well-behaved, sweetest little boy and has made me have a VERY big bias for little boys. I want more... boys.
I hope EVERYONE has a great week! Let's get this Monday, and the week together! I'm not going to make excuses or beat myself up for a not so good fitness/nutrition week last week. Instead, I'm going to pick up the pieces and work extra hard this week. Whatever your goals are, your hurdles, your issues: work past them. Do great things. And above all, smile!
Happy Monday - September 10, 2012.


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