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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Battling Soap Scum

I'm an adult.
I'm excited about an interesting concoction of a soap scum killer I found on Pinterest!

Nonetheless, the concoction seems to be great as it got a lot of great reviews. I am in the process of trying it for the first time myself. It's pretty simple really. You mix equal parts dawn soap and warmed white vinegar, put it into a spray bottle and voila! I sprayed my master bathroom shower which is plagued with soap scum (I haaaaaate it)! No matter how much I scrub and clean, the marks don't go away! I hope this works. Will update tomorrow once I let it soak over night and scrub tomorrow.

To view the whole concoction go From the Heart's Blog titled DIY Soap Scum Killer.

You can find me on Pinterest too! Follow me here!

I'm a couple weeks late updating you on my experience using the Soap Scum Killer - sorry! It turns out, it worked pretty well.  But I can't say that it was a God send, like the 'pin' claims.  It did get out a good layer, or two, of soap scum, but mine must have had years worth of buildup - I think the previous owners of our house just neglected their bathroom glass doors.  However, I found that it did help get rid of a lot of the soap scum, but not entirely.  I think I'll have to repeat this cycle 3 or 4 times to get all the soap scum out. I'll update again after I've given it a few more tries!

*Picture from From the Heart's post!


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