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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End rant.

Sometimes I wish I could time warp to when I was a child & had no worries & responsibilities.

Today was exhausting.

When one full time job ends, the other starts up again. Being a working mom is a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, it's very rewarding also. I know and appreciate that. But it is also very exhausting at times. Today was one instance. Or many instances, actually.

I woke up and worked out, which took some effort since Aunt Flo decided to visit. But I got in a good cardio session before I took a shower and got ready. Made Eju a bottle, fed the dog, and said bye to my husband and son, to head off to work - all day (it felt like forever). It was a busy day and I'm working on a few big projects. Nine hours later, I came home to a fussy toddler. The evening then started and I ended up at my parents to pick up a few things. With a fussy toddler in tote. I ended up staying a couple hours; feeding the kids (my son and nieces), eating myself (thank God), helping Laila (my eldest niece) with her homework, etc. Finally I get home, but immediately start cleaning the kitchen, bathing Eju, and putting him to bed with a freshly cleaned bottle. It felt like it had been forever when I finally sat down. My husband had to work late tonight so it was single mom status. 

It's been a long day. Since 4:30am, in fact. Too bad if I want to be up that early again, I have to turn around and go to sleep.

For now, I'm going sit in my garage; where I'm shielded from the gusts of wind, but able to enjoy the sounds, cool air, and dark skies.

Good night.


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