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Monday, April 8, 2013


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve blogged.  My last entry on March 4th ended with an epiphany in which I realized I had become too engulfed in social media and stopped living.  Since then, I made some changes and as part of that, I refrained from blogging.  I just wanted to live. And so I did. 
Even though it’s only been a little over a month, soooooo much has happened in that time.
Since then, I left a job I had been at for almost a year at a State department and moved over to a State department more in line with my passions: helping people.  With a sociology background, and the stability of the State, I really wanted to get into a department more aligned with my passions.  I left the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) for the Department of Social Services (DSS) in the middle of March.  It was a big move.  I learned a lot at the DBW and also made some great friends.  But it was time for me to go.  With a merger in place at DBW with the Department of Parks and Recreation, I felt this was the best time to transition out.  Joining DSS meant working in a department closely related to my educational background: Sociology.  I was so incredibly excited! So far, it’s been going pretty smoothly.  A little slow to start, but good nonetheless.  I hate being the new girl, but it comes with the territory.  I’m finally starting to make ‘friends’ and get a more concrete feeling that I belong here.  I see myself being here awhile so it’s important to me that I build lasting relationships with staff here.  That being said, I feel working here will be a challenge and a definite learning experience.  I knew my direct supervisor and I would click and so far that is true to fact.  She is my age, her managing philosophies mirror what mine would be, and we have a lot in common. I foresee a friendship continuing to form. 
A new job isn’t the only change since I logged off on March 4th.  My parents have been traveling to the Middle East the past few weeks.  They finally return in a week’s time.  It’s insane how much I have missed them.  As we get older, the roles definitely reverse; this is common in my culture.  I can’t help but worry about my parents and want to check in.  They raised us for so long and protected us from the evil in the world and now that we are adults, it feels like our job to do the same for them.  With that, for me comes anxiety.  I have suffered with anxiety for some time now.  Yesterday, I felt a mini-panic attack approaching.  No one had heard from my parents in 5 days now.  Their sim card had expired so we had no way to call their cell phones until they purchased and installed a new sim card.  They were not responding to emails (or not checking their emails), they hadn’t uploaded new pictures on Facebook since before those 5 days; I was starting to worry.  Sunday morning, I felt a lot of anxiety coming on and so I put on my private eye hat and got to work.  Long story short, I tracked down my parents, with a lot of panic and tears in between, and was able to speak to my mom.  Their having fun, but she’s exhausted, has a cough/sore throat, and is ready to come home.  I think they over compensated and planned one too many events to check out.  I keep reminding my mother that she’s not the peppy 50 year-old anymore she once was; she’s 67.  Thankfully, they only have one week left. I can’t wait to see them!
My car accident case from when I was 5 months pregnant is finally coming to a close.  We had arbitration recently and a settlement was offered.  I still need to finalize the details with my attorney, but I am just happy this whole process is almost over! It has been a loooooong 2 years.
I’m also excited that we are getting to a position where we can work on things for our home.  I think some of our first big projects as we resume Project House to Home will be crown molding and staining the kitchen cabinets/bathroom cabinets.  I can’t wait! I’m also busy picking out pieces of furniture.  I know it will be a process but I’m excited J
These are only some of the changes I’ve been going through in just a month.  I’ve also been continuing to build a healthy lifestyle by eating lean, clean and green while also exercising and keeping up the workouts.  I’ve noticed some major changes in my body – my ass is amazing! ;) Hahaha!
Life with Elijah is as always, going amazingly! He brings me more joy then I could have ever imagined!          


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