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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elijah Turns Two!

When I was only five years old, we migrated from the Fiji Islands to California.  It was important for my parents that we remembered where we came from and always thought fondly of our roots.  So visiting Fiji yearly, if not every other year, was pretty much mandatory.  Not to shabby of a mandate, if you ask me.  I have the fondest memories growing up as a child. I got the best of both worlds - sunny, fun California - beautiful, chill Fiji.  Some of my fondest memories growing up in Fiji are of my nana packing all of us grand kids into a car and driving us up to Saveni beach - a local beach hangout.  All the parents would be following along in another car.  We would sing and laugh and make a trip out of the drive.  Once we got there, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.  Saveni beach wasn't a tourist hangout.  There were a few bungalows for rent nearby, but for the most part, it was a beach mostly locals frolicked on.  When we went there for our family day trips - we'd tote along a pot of palau (indian food), corn on the cob, and blankets.  Life was simple. We didn't need much - just good food, close family and a lot of memories to be made.  I remember this time in my life very fondly.

Saveni Beach - a local beach hangout\
I wanted to recreate that for Elijah.  As he quickly goes from infancy to toddler hood, to ... I can't believe how fast he's growing. Sigh.  I want him to know that family always comes first.  That the best memories we'll make as a small family are close to home.  Because ultimately, home is always where your heart is.  Being in California, thousands of miles from Fiji, I am limited to taking him on day trips to Saveni beach, so instead I planned a day trip to Folsom Lake with close family to celebrate Elijah's 2nd birthday.

We had a blast! 

Avin, my husband, left early in the morning to make sure we snagged one of the best spots - under two large shady trees.  We had scoped this spot out with my brother a couple weeks earlier. ;)

We set up camp (day camp that is) - tables of food, drinks, sweet treats, and fun all sprawled out for the family.  I put together beach buckets for each of the kids instead of a traditional party favor.  Along with what it came with, I added big bottles of bubbles, and water guns.  We threw around beach balls and played in a beautiful semi-secluded sandy beach.  I'm glad we avoided some of the more commonly known beach areas at Folsom.  This location was great!

Here are some pictures of all of us hanging out for the day celebrating my beautiful son's 2nd birthday! xoxo

Driving up to Folsom Lake! Meeting Daddy who left early to get a good spot! 
The rest of the gang is on their way.
Check out my stylish nieces! Hahah, girls will be girls! 

Brother setting up our fun new raft! 
The kids were beyond excited out in the water!
Everyone was in a lifejacket  - safety first!

Elijah's cousins, Zeena and Sonia
Aji and Aja enjoying some grub. Muni Aunty is here too! 
My niece has a gorgeous smile!

So glad hubby rented a jet ski - everyone took turns and had a blast!
Definitely on our "we must purchase" list! 
Laila is such a lil' lady now!
Soni playing peek-a-boo in the shady shack!
We set up this area for naps :)
Nana with his grandkids - and furgrandchild, Harley!
Elijah and his cousin Sonia.
They are only 5 months apart and incredibly close!
One minute they are bff's and the next they are fighting! haha! 

Elijah chasing his eldest cousin, Laila.
Whenever my dad is around, Harley is by his side.
Grandpa and his furgrandchild! 
The kids had so much fun! 
My amazing brother and sister-in-law!
Our families are very close!
My brother and I have an unspoken rule, always keep the families close! 

Best sister I could ask for! She loves Elijah like he is her own.
She is his definitely his second mama!

Seeing that twinkle in my son's eyes as he sunk his cute toes into the sand and made sand castles was a great reminder - I am truly blessed. I have a great family, a beautiful son and a wonderful husband.  Making memories full of laughter and love is what life is all about! xoxo 


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