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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

  • turned 30...check
  • bought our first home...check
  • had a baby...check, check, check!
2011 was a life changing year. First, we bought a house. I was very pregnant during the home buying process and 9 months pregnant when we moved in, so this was an exhausting and stressful process, to say the least. One week after moving in, I gave birth to the most beautiful little person ever, my son Elijah. As I'm sure you can imagine, becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience, and I know it's only the beginning of my new (and most important) journey. I'm sure there will be many surprises, moments of absolute joy and a share of downfalls too.

Surprisingly, I once thought that turning 30 would be the huge milestone I couldn't stop talking about, but it in all honesty, came and went. I thought I would throw a lavish party, or go on a fancy trip.  You know, all the things you see people who didn't get to do some of things they wanted to before 30, do. But 30 came and went, and I think I may have slept through it.  Probably because I was some what sleep deprived. But to be honest, after becoming a mom, turning 30 didn't really seem that important anymore.

Everything has changed. What once was important, isn't. What once wasn't important, is.

Elijah has taken over my world. He's in my thoughts morning, noon and night. And every decision I make circles around his happiness and existence. Going back to work full-time, after working part-time for 2 months and a 5 month maternity leave, was only one of those decisions. As much as my heart told me to quit and stay home with him, I knew that financially it wouldn't be the best call.  I want Elijah to have all the things I didn't get to have, because money was tight growing up in a household with two immigrant parents. Although the last thing I want is for my son to be materialistic and care more about how many pairs of Jordan's he owns then social activism and being a good person, I do want him to have nice things. What parent doesn't want to give their children to have nice things? So I decided to go back to work full-time. The staying at home plan hasn't been completely taken off the table. In fact, I'm pre-planning for a second child (in the next year or two) and possibly staying home at that point.

I have lots of goals and "resolutions," for lack of a better word, for 2012. But the three most important would be:
  1. Getting into the best shape of my life. I would consider myself a generally healthy person, although I'm no where where I want to be with my weight. This is the year. This is the year I get into the best shape of my life! I have to. Not only for myself, but for Elijah. How can I teach him healthy habits and implement an active lifestyle if I myself don't live one?
  2. Get on financial track. Avin and I want to make sure we can get to a point, by the end of 2012, where if I wanted to stay home with Elijah (and our future children), that I can.
  3. Start the process of laying down a foundation to working from home. I'm a pretty savvy person. I know I can put together ideas of something I can do while staying at home, once we get to that point.
The truth is, I never wanted to be a "stay-at-home mom" but becoming a mom completely changed my life. He is my world. And I only hope I can make him proud as I grow as his mother and we grow as a family.

Happy New Year!


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