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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am trying to be diligent about exercising and eating well. I haven't been tracking my food as much as I should, but I have been very conscious of what I'm consuming. Which is a HUGE step for me. Last night, we made a delicious homemade chicken soup with tons of yummy veggies and potatoes. I ate it with taro (or "dalo" as Fijians would say). It was delicious, low/no carbs and filling. This morning, I worked out again. I've been keeping up with my Hi Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) and I can already see some small (but mighty) changes! Wooooohooooooo!!!! My muscles are sore and I LOVE it. I love feeling like things are working.

Tonight we need to go grocery shopping and stock up on veggies and fruits since we are all out. I also need to buy more protein powder so I can get back to having a protein shake in the mornings after my early morning workouts. Everything I've read has said that having a protein shake after working out is very good for you and your body.

Oh and Dr. Oz had a show a week or so ago abou the "must have items for your grocery shopping list." I dvr'ed it but haven't watched it yet. I'm going to try to look it up and post it here for others to also utilize :)

Happy Tuesday!


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