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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sacramento County Child Death Review Team

In 2009, the Sacramento County Child Death Review Team (CDRT) marked its twentieth year investigating, analyzing and documenting the circumstances surrounding all child deaths in Sacramento County. The Sacramento County CDRT is unique in that it investigates, analyzes and reviews the deaths of all children that died in Sacramento County and is not limited to homicides or injury-related deaths. The Sacramento County CDRT finds that a thorough review of all child deaths in this county helps to identify abuse and neglect in cases where it may not have been originally identified. With the major commitment of time and expertise from the comprehensive membership of the CDRT, as well as the Youth Death Review Subcommittee and the Prevention Advisory Committee, these dedicated professionals, and the agencies they represent are able to thoroughly investigate any pertinent case information to come to a consensus on the manner and classification of each child death. Only case specific information obtained from CDRT members is used for the production of this report.

During the twenty year period from 1990 through 2009 there were a total of 3,633 Sacramento County resident child deaths. These deaths included 2,587 (71%) natural deaths, 945 (26%) injuryrelated deaths and 101 (3%) deaths of an undetermined manner. The overall child death rate during the twenty year time period was 53.20 per 100,000 Sacramento County resident children. The five leading causes of deaths during this time period were: perinatal conditions (1,041); congenital anomalies (581); infant sleep-related deaths (420); homicides (296); and motor vehicle collisions (272).

As Project Manager of the CDRT in Sacramento County, I was proud to attend the presentation of the Twenty Year CDRT Report to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors (BOS) today.

Here is a link from KCRA News, who attended today's presentation: KCRA reports on child death presentation to BOS

To read more regarding child deaths over the twenty year time period discussed in the presentation to the BOS, visit The Child Abuse Prevention Center: Analysis of Child Deaths

To read the full twenty year report, visit: Twenty Year CDRT Report

If you would like a hard copy of the Twenty Year CDRT Report, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page.

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