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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

President Obama's State of the Union Address

...was amazing! And the political madness begins!

I look forward (not really) to Republicans refuting everything the President said in order to gain some sort of advantage for the GOP seat come this fall. Everything the President had to say made complete sense and gave me goosebumps. For one, why are those that are making $1 million dollars or more paying as much in taxes as those that are only making $40k? How does this make sense to Republicans? How does this seem fair? I loved the Presidents affirmation that this country needs to get on track in a fair and equal way. That does not mean we all pay the same in taxes when 90% of Americans are struggling. It's time we get this economy back on track, focus on skills training, job growth, legal immigration, and ending wars instead of starting them.

Listening to President Obama gives me hope. Hope for a stable future for my son. One in which he has fair opportunities and a good (and affordable) chance to a higher education.

President Obama, you have my vote.


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